Urban Artworks First Tuesday Happy Hour

We are honored to be featured by Philanthro this month! It was only a few
months ago that we learned about Philanthro’s mission, and we just love them! Urban ArtWorks is especially grateful to be partnering with Philanthro with the Paint the Town event on October 30th. As a bonus, we were asked to speak at their First Tuesday Happy Hour earlier this month.

As we walked into Post, Stephanie (our Executive Director) and I were
immediately greeted by many smiling young Philanthro professionals, as well as a
few of our own board members, friends, and artists! Everyone was there to relax
after work and learn more about what both Philanthro and ArtWorks were all
about. What an easy and delightful event!

I met a handful of Philanthro members who simply came up to me and said “tell
me what you do and how I can help” – do you know how many times a day I wish
someone would ask me that?! It was my pleasure to tell them.

Below is the recap of the night in case you weren’t able to make it. We hope to see
you on October 30th!

At ArtWorks, our goal is to empower young people with professional
opportunities in the public arts. Since 1995, our programs have fostered a new
sense of self-esteem, self-motivation and self-sufficiency for over 5,000 youth.

We work with mostly court-involved youth, though we will work with anyone,
to create large-scale murals around King County. For many of our youth this is
subsidized work training where they learn job, life, and art skills for 8 consecutive

One of the greatest needs we have is more commissioned mural projects, so that
we can employ more youth. If your company or community group wants to leave
your mark on the city by beautifying an area with art, or if you’d like to host a
volunteer day with your employees to create a mural, we would love to facilitate

We are also seeking Board Members, Event Planning Committee Members, and
donations of both time and supplies. For example, currently we need ladders, as
ours were seemingly built hundreds of years ago and we had to throw them out!
For those who have time, we just received a new IT makeover and could use help
teaching our staff and youth computer and design skills. We are also planning an
auction and looking for volunteers and auction items.

The bottom line is, though we’ve been around for nearly 2 decades, we are always
looking for fresh ideas and fresh energy to grow and make a larger impact. From
painting with our youth to helping produce a fundraising video, we want to have
a conversation – that’s where all great partnerships start.


– Kathleen, Urban Artworks

Contribution Purchase tickets to Paint the Town
Attendance 80+

When 2012 October 3
Where Post
For Urban Artworks