Re:Union Wrap Up and Some End of the Year Thoughts

2012 was another great year for Philanthro Seattle. We tried out a new format, a different approach that allowed our members to have more ownership with projects they truly cared for. What resulted was a year packed with diverse projects: we became registered bone marrow donors, reunited with our old friends from Ronald McDonald House, and fought some wicked shrubbery. We were at walks and fun runs, and jumped around in mud. We found out how much fun booze and painting could be together. And of course, there were all those monthly happy hours in between.

After that schedule, all we really wanted to do was end the year with a bang… and realized that the annual all-city party was just the way to do it.

BFP (big f*cking party) as our members had so colloquially deemed it, is by far the biggest event Philanthro throws all year. All the cities come together to celebrate, and in full spirit of Philanthro, benefit a major NPO. For 2012’s BFP, we chose JDRF, an organization that benefits juvenile diabetes research.

If you were to have taken a behind the scenes peek at the BFP, you would know it’s a big production. We plan months in advance, search high and low for venues, and have enough discussions about the theme to make your head spin. But the end result is a kick ass party that validates our efforts and justifies our headaches.

Our labor of love produced 1920’s Re:Union for JDRF, a party worthy of Gatsby himself. Held at Fred Wildlife Refuge in Capitol Hill, our attendees fought parking and ferocious rain and still managed to walk through the doors looking glitzy and glamorous. There were flapper dresses. There were sequin dresses. There were fur shawls, feather headpieces, and enough pearls to make your grandma jealous. The guys gave the ladies a run for their money too, dressed in some handsome suits and dapper tuxedos. Some traded fedoras for newsboy caps, representing the working class of the 1920’s, and not just the privileged partygoers of the era. Unofficially, we may have broken Seattle’s record for the most suspenders present at a single event.

As photos from the event and photo booth proved, we had a roarin’ good time (you knew that pun was coming). As evidenced by many of you, the drinks were mighty stiff… which may or may not have contributed to the action on the dance floor.

When it was over, Philanthro as a whole was able to hand the good folks at JDRF a nice, fat check for $14,008.70… all thanks to you!

We’re extremely proud of everything we’ve accomplished in 2012. We created relationships with some great NPOs, met some amazing people, and shared memories by the boatloads. It seems like at the end of every year of Philanthro’s young existence when we take the time to reflect on the year’s achievements, we become revitalized for the next year to come. Sure 2012 was great, but we want 2013 to eclipse it ten fold.

We want to thank everyone, from all the NPOs we’ve worked with, the venues that welcomed us, and the businesses that contributed to our causes. And most importantly, we want to thank you, our supporters, who grace us with not just your generous donations but by your attendance and presence. We absolutely could not do it without you.

We’re super excited for another year of philanthropy. And we want you there with us! Let us know if you have an idea for an event. Interested in becoming a member? Contact us! Keep up with the latest Philanthro Seattle news by liking us on Facebook and/or joining our mailing list! We want to hear from you!

Contribution Raised $14,008.70 for diabetes research
Attendance 200

When December 1, 2012
Where Fred's Wildlife Refuge