Art With Heart Wrap Up: Creative and Proud!

Great Art. Great music. Moving words. New friends. Fiercely competitive bidding (ok, more friendly than fierce). April 7th at Vermillion was one great night. Even though it was a night to celebrate the power of creativity, the most exciting part might come down to some sheer number crunching. In the end, together we raised over $2800 for a very important cause. Every penny of which will be going directly to help kids suffering from trauma. In fact, Gary at Art With Heart has informed us that, because of you guys, they’ll be able to print and distribute books to more than 700 kids. This certainly gives a little extra meaning to being a ‘proud supporter of the arts.’ Many thanks to everyone who was a part of this. You really made a difference and now you might even have a future museum piece hanging on your wall.


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20 April 2013

posted by: Jen Au


Philanthro Seattle Presents: Art With Heart

Art With Heart

Join us for an awesome night where creativity meets philanthropy and everybody has a good time. We’ll be featuring exciting works from up and coming local artists and holding a silent auction for all the pieces. Support a great cause and maybe even start your own art collection. All proceeds benefit Art With Heart. We’ll have live music, guest speakers, snacks and more. There’s a suggested Donation of $5 at the door or online. See you there.

RSVP for the event on Facebook or Eventbrite!

Sunday – April 7th, 2013
6:00PM – 9:00PM

 – Facebook page
1508 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

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8 March 2013

posted by: Jen Au


Re:Union Wrap Up and Some End of the Year Thoughts

2012 was another great year for Philanthro Seattle. We tried out a new format, a different approach that allowed our members to have more ownership with projects they truly cared for. What resulted was a year packed with diverse projects: we became registered bone marrow donors, reunited with our old friends from Ronald McDonald House, and fought some wicked shrubbery. We were at walks and fun runs, and jumped around in mud. We found out how much fun booze and painting could be together. And of course, there were all those monthly happy hours in between.

After that schedule, all we really wanted to do was end the year with a bang… and realized that the annual all-city party was just the way to do it.

BFP (big f*cking party) as our members had so colloquially deemed it, is by far the biggest event Philanthro throws all year. All the cities come together to celebrate, and in full spirit of Philanthro, benefit a major NPO. For 2012’s BFP, we chose JDRF, an organization that benefits juvenile diabetes research.

If you were to have taken a behind the scenes peek at the BFP, you would know it’s a big production. We plan months in advance, search high and low for venues, and have enough discussions about the theme to make your head spin. But the end result is a kick ass party that validates our efforts and justifies our headaches.

Our labor of love produced 1920’s Re:Union for JDRF, a party worthy of Gatsby himself. Held at Fred Wildlife Refuge in Capitol Hill, our attendees fought parking and ferocious rain and still managed to walk through the doors looking glitzy and glamorous. There were flapper dresses. There were sequin dresses. There were fur shawls, feather headpieces, and enough pearls to make your grandma jealous. The guys gave the ladies a run for their money too, dressed in some handsome suits and dapper tuxedos. Some traded fedoras for newsboy caps, representing the working class of the 1920’s, and not just the privileged partygoers of the era. Unofficially, we may have broken Seattle’s record for the most suspenders present at a single event.

As photos from the event and photo booth proved, we had a roarin’ good time (you knew that pun was coming). As evidenced by many of you, the drinks were mighty stiff… which may or may not have contributed to the action on the dance floor.

When it was over, Philanthro as a whole was able to hand the good folks at JDRF a nice, fat check for $14,008.70… all thanks to you!

We’re extremely proud of everything we’ve accomplished in 2012. We created relationships with some great NPOs, met some amazing people, and shared memories by the boatloads. It seems like at the end of every year of Philanthro’s young existence when we take the time to reflect on the year’s achievements, we become revitalized for the next year to come. Sure 2012 was great, but we want 2013 to eclipse it ten fold.

We want to thank everyone, from all the NPOs we’ve worked with, the venues that welcomed us, and the businesses that contributed to our causes. And most importantly, we want to thank you, our supporters, who grace us with not just your generous donations but by your attendance and presence. We absolutely could not do it without you.

We’re super excited for another year of philanthropy. And we want you there with us! Let us know if you have an idea for an event. Interested in becoming a member? Contact us! Keep up with the latest Philanthro Seattle news by liking us on Facebook and/or joining our mailing list! We want to hear from you!

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15 February 2013

posted by: Jen Au



Urban Artworks First Tuesday Happy Hour

We are honored to be featured by Philanthro this month! It was only a few
months ago that we learned about Philanthro’s mission, and we just love them! Urban ArtWorks is especially grateful to be partnering with Philanthro with the Paint the Town event on October 30th. As a bonus, we were asked to speak at their First Tuesday Happy Hour earlier this month.

As we walked into Post, Stephanie (our Executive Director) and I were
immediately greeted by many smiling young Philanthro professionals, as well as a
few of our own board members, friends, and artists! Everyone was there to relax
after work and learn more about what both Philanthro and ArtWorks were all
about. What an easy and delightful event!

I met a handful of Philanthro members who simply came up to me and said “tell
me what you do and how I can help” – do you know how many times a day I wish
someone would ask me that?! It was my pleasure to tell them.

Below is the recap of the night in case you weren’t able to make it. We hope to see
you on October 30th!

At ArtWorks, our goal is to empower young people with professional
opportunities in the public arts. Since 1995, our programs have fostered a new
sense of self-esteem, self-motivation and self-sufficiency for over 5,000 youth.

We work with mostly court-involved youth, though we will work with anyone,
to create large-scale murals around King County. For many of our youth this is
subsidized work training where they learn job, life, and art skills for 8 consecutive

One of the greatest needs we have is more commissioned mural projects, so that
we can employ more youth. If your company or community group wants to leave
your mark on the city by beautifying an area with art, or if you’d like to host a
volunteer day with your employees to create a mural, we would love to facilitate

We are also seeking Board Members, Event Planning Committee Members, and
donations of both time and supplies. For example, currently we need ladders, as
ours were seemingly built hundreds of years ago and we had to throw them out!
For those who have time, we just received a new IT makeover and could use help
teaching our staff and youth computer and design skills. We are also planning an
auction and looking for volunteers and auction items.

The bottom line is, though we’ve been around for nearly 2 decades, we are always
looking for fresh ideas and fresh energy to grow and make a larger impact. From
painting with our youth to helping produce a fundraising video, we want to have
a conversation – that’s where all great partnerships start.


– Kathleen, Urban Artworks

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14 October 2012

posted by: Jen Au


Philanthro Seattle Presents: Paint the Town!

Philanthro Seattle and Urban ArtWorks have teamed up to offer a special event that will put a drink in one hand and a paintbrush in the other! Come show off and express your artistic side and join us for cocktails and conversation!

For painters, from novices to experts alike, $30 will include a canvas to create your own masterpiece that you can proudly take home at the end of the night. Paint, brushes, palettes, and aprons will be provided at the event, courtesy of Blick Art Materials. Local artist, Jan Tervonen will also be in attendance to provide casual instruction for those who would like some tips.  Canvases are limited to the first 35 buyers.

For art enthusiasts, aficionados, and supporters who would rather admire from afar, a suggested minimum donation of $5 will be accepted at the door. You can purchase your tickets or make a donation on our Eventbrite page!

Can’t make the event but would still like to contribute? Simply use the option bar to select a donation of your choosing!

Please join us for this truly unique night and get your Picasso on. Proceeds will benefit Urban ArtWorks and their quest to empower youth with opportunities in art.

More About Urban ArtWorks
Mission: Since 1995, Urban ArtWorks has empowered young people through professional opportunities in the arts. By providing subsidized employment, volunteer, and entrepreneurial experiences, we improve young lives as well as the surrounding community.

More About Philanthro Seattle
Philanthro is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage young professionals in philanthropy, by serving as the leading platform for young professionals to connect with charitable causes through social, volunteer, and leadership activities. Philanthro is a 100% volunteer-based organization that prides itself on its core values of transparency, efficiency, and creativity. Beyond financially supporting charities, Philanthro’s greatest contributions are building awareness, inciting action, and empowering change among current and future generations.

Canvases are limited! Reserve yours now at

Check out our Facebook event page and join:

Questions? Please contact:
Mary Wu
Gerald Busque

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5 October 2012

posted by: Jen Au


Neighborcare Health First Tuesday Happy Hour

Thanks to Neighborcare Health for joining us for First Tuesday Happy Hour. Here’s a summary from Clover Thurk, Events Coordinator at Neighborcare Health and photos from the event:

What a thrill to meet with Philanthro! Your First Tuesday crowd was filled with such energy and enthusiasm for our community and those most vulnerable. I enjoyed talking with many of you and hearing about the unique and powerful ways you are building bridges in our community.

Thank you for inviting myself and my colleagues from Neighborcare Health to talk with you about our patients, the need for support of our health care mission, and our upcoming fundraiser – the Pumpkin Push 5K to Care for Seattle’s Homeless.

Neighborcare Health is the largest primary care provider serving low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals and families at 20 clinic sites in Seattle. Our mission is to provide comprehensive healthcare to families and individuals who have difficulty accessing care, respond with sensitivity to the needs of our culturally diverse patients, and advocate and work with others to improve the overall health status of the communities we serve. We provide primary medical, dental and mental health services to 50,000 patients annually, 18% whom are homeless or very recently homeless.

The Pumpkin Push 5K to Care for Seattle’s Homeless on Saturday, October 27th supports patient care to for nearly 9,000 homeless and formerly homeless patients receiving health care through one of our five homeless programs. By registering for the event, you are not only signing-up for a ghoulishly fun Halloween event, but you are securing health care for our most vulnerable neighbors.

I invite you to register, start a team and fundraise for this event. Your $30 registration buys: specialized wound care for a homeless adult living outside, outreach to homeless youth, a nursing visit to a newly housed adult with mental illness and uncontrolled diabetes, and prescription refills for a battered woman and her children staying at a shelter after escaping their abuser. Now, imagine what you could do if you did a little fundraising? We know you do it for the great feeling, but there are also some amazing prizes for top fundraisers (race finishers & best costume too)!

Register today!

Thank you, Philanthro, for building bridges in our community and for choosing to support our efforts at Neighborcare Health! I look forward to a growing and continuing partnership.

See you October 27th at the Pumpkin Push!

Clover Thurk
Events Coordinator
Neighborcare Health


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28 September 2012

posted by: billy shih


First Tuesday with Community for Youth

Message from Peter A. Retztagg, Executive Director of Community for Youth and a participation of our First Tuesday Happy Hour. See photos on Facebook

Community for Youth was excited and proud to partner with Philanthro Seattle for the August Happy Hour.  This month coincides with both our 27th anniversary in Seattle and the time when we are making the biggest push of the year for volunteer mentors!  CfY is a life-skills curriculum and community supported 1-to-1 mentoring organization that makes trans-formative impact in the lives of students in Seattle high schools with the worst graduation rates.  Students in the CfY program go away to two overnight retreats and a number of workshops throughout the year where they are given the highest level of support for their social, emotional and academic growth.

Mentors in the CfY program find instant community in a group of other committed volunteers who dedicate their Thursday nights throughout the school year to helping some of the most disadvantaged students in Seattle.  It works!  Students in the CfY program had an overall GPA increase from 2.4 to 2.8 last year and 75% improved their math grades – with support and workshops that focus on healthy choices, goal setting and intentionality, CfY students have fun and achieve success!

Are you interested in helping out?  Learn more about being a mentor here (, call or email (info below) or come to one of our upcoming events.  Mentoring and other volunteer opportunities available + awesome fundraising events throughout the year!

Peter A. Retztagg
Executive Director
Community for Youth
d: (206) 325-8480 

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27 September 2012

posted by: billy shih


2012 Engage Volunteering at the Arboretum

Check out photos and a note from Alex from EarthCorps. Thank you to all our awesome volunteers!!

We loved working Philanthro! Seriously, you brought a wonderful group with you who worked hard, stayed positive, and were tons of fun to be around—a great combo.

It’s always exciting to work with a new group of volunteers, particularly young professionals who are intent on doing good AND having fun, so we were emphatically anticipating the day to work with Philanthro at Washington Park, an Olmstead-designed park and one of Seattle’s most treasured greenspaces. Washington Park, like many of Seattle’s Parks, is overrun with invasive plants, such as Himalayan Blackberry and English Ivy. Volunteers braved the blackberry thorns and mounds of morning glory (another invasive) to free the native trees and shrubs onsite and make space for native plants that will be planted in the fall. All in all we cleared 3100 sq. ft of Himalayan Blackberry, English Ivy, Morning Glory, and many other harmful species!

Invasive plants like these were brought to Seattle, either purposefully or accidentally, and without natural competitors, they spread and take over our ecosystems. In Seattle, this poses a particular threat, as plants such as English Ivy, grow into the tree canopy, greatly weighing down branches and creating a sail-like top that causes the trees to topple over in a storm. In combination with the blanket of invasive plants on the ground, this prevents conifer seedlings and other native plants from re-seeding, eventually leaving us with an invasive plant “desert.” The result, if it were to happen to all of our parks, would be disastrous.

Recognizing the serious threat facing Seattle’s ecosystems, in 2004 Mayor Nichols, Parks and Recreation staff, and a coalition of neighborhood leaders and environmental organizations formed the Green Seattle Partnership, a public/private initiative to place 2500 acres of Seattle’s parks in restoration—removing harmful invasive plants and planting native trees and shrubs to take their place. EarthCorps plays active role in the Green Seattle Partnership, as our volunteer program brings over 14,000 people per year to help restore the forests of Puget Sound, helping to meet the goals of the Green Seattle Partnership while creating an active environmentally-minded community.

EarthCorps’ mission is to build global community through local environmental service. EarthCorps envisions a global community of young environmental leaders and engaged citizens working to build strong local communities that support healthy habitats. EarthCorps’ programs bring together young people from the USA and around the world to learn about environmental restoration and work together. Our efforts unite best practices in environmental restoration with a community-based approach to service, education and action. Together with a global network of partners, volunteers and friends, EarthCorps restores key ecological sites around the Puget Sound region and around the world.

We’d love to work with Philanthro again!  If you’d like experience Seattle’s parks in a unique way, we host volunteers events every weekend, sometimes even more than one event per weekend, including events in Kirkland, Mercer Island, and Federal Way. To see our volunteer opportunities and register for events, just visit

Also, if you would like to donate to EarthCorps to support one of our unique environmental restoration or training programs for young adults, visit to easily make a donation.

Thanks again for supporting EarthCorps and helping restore Seattle’s forests!

Alex Montalvo
Project Manager, EarthCorps

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29 August 2012

posted by: billy shih


2011 Philanthro Annual Report

Download the full 2011 Annual Report here (PDF)

2011 began with a simple but bold challenge: “Think Beyond.”

It was ambitious to think that in our fifth year, we were ready to move away from a proven model of hosting parties for charities. As you will see, Philanthro members are ambitious and naturally they rose to the challenge.

2011 was a year of “firsts” for Philanthro in many ways. Our first chapters in Seattle and New York. Our first all-city volunteer event. Our first technology summit. Even our first charity date auction.

Most importantly, it was the first year we broke the mold. It was the year that Philanthro became a platform for young giving. With unstoppable momentum, creativity and enthusiasm, we are striving to create even more unique opportunities for young professionals to connect with top charities in 2012. Come join us!

Andrew Whelan | Chief Executive Officer

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29 August 2012

posted by: billy shih


August First Tuesday with Community for Youth

Come mingle at First Tuesday Happy Hour at Spitfire. We’ll introduce you to new people and one non-profit each month.

Whether you’re looking to network, make friends, volunteer or try something new, come and let us know how we can help.

Spitfire’s Happy Hour menu will be honored during the hours of our event.

This month’s NPO: Community for Youth

Curious what First Tuesday is like? Read about some of our previous Happy Hours:


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2 August 2012

posted by: billy shih